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Helicopter Deliveries in Helmand

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[video:youtube:jJS124JAQ7I] Everyone likes a helicopter ride. I have been flying around with the Royal Air Force Chinooks over the British Army’s 12 Brigade’s area in Helmand as they delivered ammunition in under-slung loads. The helicopters are armed with machine guns and a chain gun to counter the ever-present threat from the Taliban. They are essential in keeping the bases supplied as ground movement is very hazardous and slow. It was all very “Vietnam” except the incredible fine sand that the helicopters would generate that hits you so hard that it stings. Not good for cameras and not nice on the eyeball. It makes conditions even harder for the pilots to fly in.

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Rich | September 27, 2007 9:26 AM | Reply

I saw your piece on Newsnight last night and like the others on this website its very good.

I notice the quality/resolution of your videos is very good. Would you mind telling us what equipment you use to shoot the video and probably more importantly, what software/format do you use for the conversion/compression onto youtube? Many thanks.

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