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Somalia kidnap victims speak

The AFP says one of their Mogadishu based reporters spoke with the two kidnap victims, Amanda Lindhout and Nigel Brennan, in Somalia fro five minutes on Sunday. Lindhout in particular sounds to be in a very poor way, if this reported phone call is to be believed,

"I have been sick for months. Unless my government, the people of Canada, all my family and friends can get one million dollars, I will die here, OK that is certain," Lindhout said, sounding very distressed...

"The situation here is very dire and very serious. I?ve been a hostage for nine months, the conditions are very bad, I don?t drink clean water, I am fed at most once a day," Lindhout said.

"I'm being kept... in a dark windowless room, completely alone," she added.

"I love my country and I want to return so I beg my government to come to my aid. Likewise, I ask all my fellow Canadian citizens and my family to contribute in any way possible in order to help me finally be released from Somalia and be able to return home," said Lindhout. link

AFP says the phone call was made through an intermediary after weeks of negotiation. Nigel Brennan said he has been held in shackles for the past four months,

"I've been shackled for the last four months... My health is extremely poor and deteriorating rapidly due to extreme fever," he said.

"I implore that my government help me as a citizen of Australia (inaudible)... I ask for the help of my family in every way possible so that the ransom can be paid for my release," Brennan said.

"I love my country very much, I love my family, my girlfriend," he added. link

This is the first reported communication with the duo since they were kidnapped near Mogadishu in August, 2008.