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#FCBBCA Cyber snooping: In whose hands should internet governance be entrusted?

by Frontline Staff 23 October 2012

By Doug Brown A packed audience filled the Frontline Club forum on 23rd October to hear a panel tackle the ...more

Not Invisible: London Premiere of The Invisible War

by Frontline Staff on 23 October 2012

By Lizzie KendalOn October 22 the Frontline Club hosted the London Premiere of The Invisible War, followed by a Q&A with Emmy-nominated producer Amy Ziering....more


Marikana: undermining the ANC?

by Frontline Staff on 18 October 2012

By Tom Meade "This is merely the worst, the most brutal, the most bloody of thousands of so called 'unrest incidents' we've had around the...more


And all that Jazz

by Frontline Staff on 16 October 2012

 By Merryn Johnson“I’m very happy to face serious opposition: If I would say what I say and talk about Jewish political power without facing serious,...more


900 Days: myth and reality of the Leningrad blockade

by Frontline Staff on 13 October 2012

By Lizzie Kendal  On Friday October 12, the Frontline Club hosted the UK Premiere of 900 Days, followed by a Q&A with director Jessica Gorter, and...more


Communicating about Syria - A humanitarian perspective

by Frontline Staff on 11 October 2012

By Sally Ashley-Cound The conflict and humanitarian issues Syria faces is at the forefront of many peoples minds at the moment, this was reflected...more


Oscar Arias: Leader of Strength and Peace

by Frontline Staff on 09 October 2012

By Jim Treadway "There's a definite lack of leaders [today]," documentary producer Richard Symons commented to a Frontline Club audience on 8 October.  "Where are they?"...more


Narco Estado: an advertisement of terror

by Frontline Staff on 05 October 2012

By Merryn JohnsonTeun Voeten’s CV reads like a guide to some of the world’s most dangerous places. “For 25 years I’ve been working [as a...more


Videos and violence - Defending Islam and free speech

by Frontline Staff on 05 October 2012

By Nigel Wilson The online publication of the Innocence of Muslims video was the catalyst for violent and at times deadly protests in some countries....more


Sureties Hearing 3 October 2012 - address by Vaughan Smith

by Vaughan Smith on 03 October 2012

Here is the statement I delivered this afternoon to District Judge Riddle concerning possible forfeiture of our surety monies on the Julian Assange extradition matter....more


Graham Greene: A Finger on the Pulse of the 20th Century

by Frontline Staff on 02 October 2012

By Jim Treadway "He was there!" Director Thomas O'Connor said of English author and journalist Graham Greene (1904-1991), the subject of his documentary Dangerous Edge:...more

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