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Frontline Club on Twitter


If you use the increasingly popular microblogging service Twitter, you might be interested to know who is on Twitter from the Frontline blogs, how often they tweet and how to follow them. First up, you'll need an account, Second, find and follow the bloggers that interest you most. Here's a round up of Frontline bloggers currently active on Twitter. If I've missed anyone, please shout out in the comments.

@frontlineblog - breaking news and views from the world of international news reporters, tweeted by me covering some stories mentioned on the Frontline blog.

@frontlineclub - news from the club about events and what's going on at the Club in London.

@mexicoreporter - Deborah Bonello in Mexico City, currently trying to navigate the Swine flu story.

@TheOwenTake - Frontline Club Chairman John Owen and news from and about his blog.

@ljmaximus - Ali S. Novruzov, blogger in Baku, Azerbaijan.

@daxe - David Axe in Africa, not updated for a while though, although he's blogging from Gabon at present.

@syrianews - Sasa recently joined as he blogs from Damascus and London.

@julietomlin - Julie is the Programme Editor for the Frontline Charitable Trust and she blogs on the Frontline Forum and the media.

@dan_10v11 - Daniel Bennett blogs about the impact of new media on the BBC's coverage of conflict.

@robcrilly - Rob tweets from Nairobi, Sudan, DRC and beyond. He's currently writing a book about Darfur. His blog is here.

@adamblenford - Adam blogs about photojournalism.

@strickvl - Alex is based in Kandahar, Afghanistan and regularly blogs and tweets from there.

@onewmphoto - Onnik is blogging and tweeting from Yerevan, Armenia.

@fieldreports - Guy Degen is based in Bonn, Germany, but tweets and blogs from Africa and beyond.

@thejjunkie - Isabelle is based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

@salam - Salam Pax is based in Baghad.

@scarlettlion - Otherwise known as Glenna Gordon, based in Monrovia, Liberia.

@mikewhills - ex-TimesOnline, just moved to Beirut, soon to blog with us here.

@mortenhvaal - Morten is a photojournalist, based in Sri Lanka and will be blogging with us soon.

@hyfreelance - Hodan Yusuf-Pankhurst is a freelance journalist and blogs from Hargeisa, Somalia.

@vaughansmith - Frontline Club Founder, soon to be again Afghanistan blogger and irregular tweeter.

@kylemacrae - not currently blogging with us, but did write a great blog on Citizen journalism.

@benhammersley - Ben blogged with us briefly when we first set the blogs up. He's a founding member of the Club and now works at Wired UK.

@totalfrontline - an automated Twitter channel combining Frontline blog posts, events, articles, news and more.

I'll keep this post updated as new bloggers join us and as and when older bloggers start using Twitter. If you sign up, let us know in the comments or send an @message to @frontlineblog.