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Michael Ware addicted to the story

art.michael.ware.jpgMichael Ware, a reporter with CNN, talks to Greg Veis in Men's Journal about the difficulties of reporting from Iraq, getting addicted to the story and life on the road. He wonders if he'll ever be able to quit the war habit. It's not a pretty picture,

"I'm a war dog," he says. "After seven straight years, you're always hypervigilant, always on alert. You become conditioned to a state of being where everything is a threat and it's hard to turn that off; that becomes your normal. There's an old cliché about the legendary war correspondent who comes home to find he has no wife or many ex-wives, no kids or kids who won't talk to him, who has no tapestry to his life. At some point you have to consciously reclaim your life." link
Image of Michael Ware from CNN.