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Mexico media campaign targets violence against journalists

Frontline blogger Deborah Bonello writes about a media campaign in Mexico aimed at raising public awareness about violence against journalists. Mexico is one of the most dangerous places to work as a journalist,
Since 2000, 28 journalists have been killed in Mexico and eight have disappeared, according to Article 19, one of the organizations sponsoring the advertising campaign. Mexico's National Human Rights Commission says the figure is actually higher and that 45 journalists have been killed in the same period. Mexico is the deadliest country in the Americas for journalists, according to Reporters Without Borders, and reporters who cover organized crime are especially at risk. link
The campaign, called "What you don’t know can hurt you ("Te hace daño no saber" in Spanish)" will appear on TV showing the names of the journalists who have either been killed or who have disappeared - "The names appear over a white background, until they eventually obliterate all of the white."