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Ebenezer Viwami under arrest in Ivory Coast

Ebenezer Viwami, editor in chief of Alerte Info, was picked up outside a prison in Abidjan, Ivory Coast at the weekend. The Ivorian Internal Affairs and Justice Ministries, said Viwami falsified the reporting of a prison riot stating that three prisoners were shot dead when the official report said six prisoners were slightly injured prisoners and no-one was killed,

"Our editor-in-chief was arrested by the police in front of MACA prison, where he was covering the prisoners protest. He was later dragged out and detained like a bandit," declared Trésor Affri, the marketing director of Alerte Info. He added: "We exhausted every means available to us to get him released but no way. This is an arbitrary arrest and detention because Mr. Viwami was exercising a professional duty." link