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Working as a female journalist in Afghanistan

Farida Nekzad, who earlier this week received the International Women's Media Foundation's Courage in Journalism award, talked to US News and World Report about her work as a journalist in Afghanistan,
Was there ever a time when you reconsidered your decision to stay and report in Afghanistan? There was a female reporter—actually, she owned a radio station in Afghanistan—called Zakia Zaki, and she was brutally murdered. While I was at her funeral, I received a phone call threatening that I would have the same fate. Because I was next to Zakia's body and I was receiving threatening calls on my cellphone, I got really scared. And I thought maybe I should quit this profession. For a while, I wanted to have a low profile—be low-key—so I would be away from danger. But then I saw the encouragement from my family, my husband, and especially the international community. That gave me courage, and that gave me hope, so I continued. link