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Threat to Iraqi journalists

Magda Abu-Fadil writes on The Huffington Post about the Iraqi journalist hotline set up recently after the killing of four staff from the Al-Sharqiya TV station in September, 2008,
A ministry spokesman said hotlines would be established between various police departments, government agencies, intelligence services, swat teams and journalists to enable the ministry to protect reporters on dangerous assignments and secure their safe passage in and out of crime scenes. But Al Sharqiyah news director Ali Wajih told AFP the government-owned Al Iraqiyah TV channel had prompted his colleagues' killing by slandering his station's journalists and accusing them of harming the country when they broadcast a report on torture in Iraqi prisons. link via CPJ blog
Abu-Fadil goes on to talk about the work of Eason Jordan, ex-CNN reporter, who founded the war zone-focused news company, Praedict earlier this year.