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The places we live

Jonas Bendiksen publishes the latest Magnum in Motion project today. Called The places we live, the project focusses on people who live in four slums across the world; from Caracas to the large Kibera slum in Nairobi, the Dharavi slum in the suburbs of Mumbai and the Indonesian capital Jakarta. He talks about the project on the Magnum blog and how publishing pictures on the Internet feels quite different from the accompanying book or an exhibition,
Oddly, I feel like it is a very different thing putting these stories up on the web, as opposed to the book, magazine articles or exhibition. I had the blessings of all the people in the project to use the material for everything I wanted—I really only used homes where the people were quite eager to tell their stories. But still I somehow can't shake the nagging sensation that putting their homes and lives on the web is somehow different from the other mediums. link