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Live from the Baghdad embed

Eric Owles, a journalist embedded with US forces in Iraq, answers questions from readers on the New York Times Baghdad Bureau blog. The post is part of a series of embed posts on the NYTimes blog
Q. Are you given special training ( Boot Camp for Journalists?) so that you’re qualified to be embedded with a combat unit? – Alex M A. I attended a week-long training course in Virginia run by former British soldiers that is designed for aid workers and journalists working in hostile environments from war zones to earthquakes. I took classes in first aid, outdoor survival, negotiating checkpoints, hiring locals and moving safely through combat. Obviously a week is not long enough to become proficient in everything you need to know to stay safe in Iraq. When I arrived in January I stuck close to reporters who had been in the country since the start of the war. Most of the time I am working unembedded, traveling and interviewing Iraqis without American troops. But I’ve learned something new each time I’ve gone out with G.I.’s. After my first night here in F.O.B. Tash, I asked to be moved to a room with some senior enlisted marines. I’ve found that talking to the sergeants is the best way to learn about the military. link
For those of you into Twitter, I notice Eric Owles has a Twitter account.