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Life for Pervez Kambaksh

Kim Sengupta, Independent journalist and Frontline Club regular, follows up on the court case of Pervez Kambaksh in Kabul. Kambaksh was originally sentenced to death for downloading information about women's rights from the Internet. This week he was sentenced to life imprisonment,
"I was, of course, hoping to be freed, but the fact that they have said I no longer face the death sentence is a big relief. I really did not think I would last this long. I thought they would make sure that I disappeared. Hearing the judge say that long sentence was very surprising, but I now just want to continue with the legal cases and, hopefully, I'll get freed. I also want to say I am very grateful to everyone, especially The Independent, for what they have done so far and I would be very grateful if they would continue to support me." link
The Independent started a campaign for Kambaksh at the beginning of February. The petition gathered over 100,000 signatures. Kim wrote about the case in the Frontline Club newsletter in May.