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Chris Wattie talks Afghanistan

Chris Wattie, National Post senior national reporter and author of Contact Charlie: The Canadian Army, The Taliban and the Battle that Saved Afghanistan, talks about time in Kandahar with Canadian soldiers,
In an enlightening interview, Wattie describes his experience in combat with Canadian soldiers, and tells the stories that most Canadians haven't heard. He discusses his experience with Afghan civilians, and how much the country has changed since his previous visit in 2003 link
You'll find the podcast listed here under October 1, 2008. Although, one commenter called apophis is none too kind about the talk,
"A wonderful piece of PR for the Canadian Army, or propaganda for the uninformed citizens. Meanwhile Karzai is negotiating with the Taliban, trying to negotiate a peace deal, a sellout for the Canadian soldiers who have given their lives. How many censors had to give their approval for this story to published. Thank you Chris (pollyanna) Wattie for your dull boring article, I can't wait for the comic book." link