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13 journalists killed in August

The Press Emblem Campaign says it has registered 13 journalists killed in the month of August. This is the highest recorded toll since October 2007. A total of 61 journalists have been killed since the beginning of 2008,
Iraq remains the deadliest country for media coverage with 10 media workers killed since the beginning of the year, Pakistan 6, Mexico 5, the Philippines 4, Georgia 3, Russia 3, Thailand 2, India 2, Colombia 2, Venezuela 2, Afghanistan 2, Somalia 2. One journalist was killed since the beginning of the year in the following countries: Iran, Nigeria, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Panama, Gaza, Bolivia, Uganda, Honduras, Brazil, Niger, Nepal, Guatemala, Burundi, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Cambodia and Zimbabwe. link
In November 2007, the Geneva-based Press Emblem Campaign launched a consultation process with governements around the world to create a convention to protect journalists working on war zones.