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Ziv Koren and the finger camera

Annaliza Savage, Wired.com's multimedia editor, writes about how photographer Ziv Koren used a "finger camera" on top of his camera while photographing conflict zones. Film director Solo Avital later used a mix of stills and video to produce the More than 1000 Words documentary,
In order to film Koren on the West Bank, Gaza and other hot zones, the filmmakers devised a small "finger camera" to mount on Koren¹s lens. Avital says it was the only way to get close to Koren without attracting too much attention. But the result is that you can see Koren's subjects as he does -- through his lens. And that gives much more information, about both the photographer and the photographed. link
This looks much the same as the equipment James Nacthwey used for the War Photographer documentary.