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Shooting the messenger

Shooting the Messenger, Al Jazeera's documentary on the deliberate killing and intimidation of journalists in conflict zones, investigates how international reporters became targets. In the past, members of the media were considered to be neutral in time of war. They were much like paramedics in the sense that their main concern was not victory, but saving lives. link via del.icio.us
You can watch the documentary in four parts below and in order beginning with part 1 immediately below, [video:youtube:2gOpp-zcFUA] Part 2 [video:youtube:eHK2-9SEB-w] Part 3 [video:youtube:cNfxlAnGUZg] And finally, part 4 [video:youtube:l770SrFBTFA]
Journalists and cameramen like Shana'a and Al Agaramey risk their lives daily to bring us the news. The tragedy is that those who have so much to hide do what they can to prevent it and they shoot the messenger. Shana'a was a messenger, and as he put it: "I can't give up journalism. Only two things can stop me - if I die, or lose my legs." link