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Sean Langan freed

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Sean Langan, regular at the Frontline Club and an award winning Channel 4 reporter who works on Dispatches, was freed yesterday after a three month kidnap ordeal in a deal forged by his family,
"We are absolutely thrilled that Sean is back in the UK and free," they said. "We can't thank Channel 4 enough for helping us. We have negotiated with his kidnappers for the last couple of weeks. "Before that, we were unaware of his kidnapping. He is as well as can be expected given his ordeal. We have no other comment to make apart from we are delighted." link

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sean langan | June 29, 2008 11:12 PM

Just wanted to pass on my deep gratitude to all those in the foreign press corp. I lost my phones and haven't been able to contact all those friends and colleagues I know helped secure my release. A debt never forgotton. And would also like to thank all those in our peculiar little community who were concerned about me.....that sense of not being alone or forgotten was a comfort throughout the ordeal.......So next time I am on expenses, the drinks are on me.

I wish you all a safe journey, and while you won't believe me, trust me: the best thing about being a foreign journalist is coming home to those you love.

sean langan.