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The diary of John D. McHugh

More from our man in Afghanistan. Actually, the Guardian's paying for his tea and biscuits and not us. However, he is the winner of the inaugural Frontline Club Award for Journalism and that's good enough for this blog. John D. McHugh's latest update for his Guardian diary is now live and it appears IT is all Pakistan's fault,
I want you all to remember, this is an educated man speaking to me. He has a doctorate from a European university, and is employed to advise the US commander at Bermel on Afghan culture and how to work within it. This is a very important role within America's counter-insurgency (COIN) plan, and they don't employ fools. Yet here he is, just like the simple villager in Mangritay a few days ago and the police chief earlier, blaming Pakistan for all the problems in Afghanistan. link
We'll have more from John soon.