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Sean Smith "nothing very original"

Photographer Sean Smith is profiled in the Press Gazette today. Sean used video and stills photography in Iraq to report for the Guardian newspaper and he talked about his pictures at the Frontline Club in February soon after winning his Press Photographer of the year award. He talks about his no-nonsense apporach and the importance of the story in Iraq for the Press Gazette article,
“My approach was nothing very clever or original, it was just to go out with them as often as possible, and whatever happened, happened. There was no prompting anyone. I never filmed anyone when they weren’t aware of it, I wasn’t sneaky with it. I think some people sometimes forgot when they were talking but I wasn’t trying to trip anyone up. I don’t think you needed to.” Despite the huge risks, Smith believes journalists should continue to report from Iraq. “You decide to do the job,” he says. “It’s one of the biggest issues for a long time... It’s a valid thing to do. Iraq needs to be covered by any means possible.” link