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James Nachtwey thanks fixers

[video:youtube:FVArFUxyNFM] The Frontline Club magazine this month mentions the inaugural Frontline Club journalism awards. These awards will raise money for the Frontline Club Fixers Fund. James Nachtwey recently praised the fixers who help him work as a war photographer in his President’s award acceptance speech at the Overseas Press Club in New York,
As journalists who report from abroad, we all know the value of colleagues who often go unsung - the fixers and translators and drivers who take such great personal risks and who work with such devotion to make what we do possible. Whatever abilities we might have, we absolutely need the assistance of people who know the language and the culture and how to navigate hostile terrain. I don’t know how many times I’ve only been as good as my driver. They love their countries. They truly value journalism. When we leave, they stay. I think it is only fitting that I dedicate this award to our colleagues from foreign lands who have given us all so much. via Thomas Crampton
The above clip is from James Nachtwey's War Photographer documentary.