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David Loyn on the Frontline fallen

David Loyn, the BBC foreign correspondent who authored the story behind the Frontline Club, writes in the Yorkshire Post about former Frontline TV journalist Roddy Scott. Roddy was killed by Russian soldiers while working in Chechnya. David writes in the paper as part of the run up to this weekend's Nidderdale Book Festival,
"When people are suffering, although TV news is not going to stop them suffering, at least someone is hearing them cry." Extinguishing that light means "they are crying in silence, and no one is hearing them". By the time Roddy Scott set out from his Nidderdale home in 2002 to cover the Chechen insurgency, it was hard to make a living as a freelance TV news journalist. His trip was also a reminder of the potential risks. He was shot dead by Russian troops who ambushed the Chechen column he was travelling with. Nowadays, Chechen fighters would be far more likely to take pictures for themselves and distribute them on the internet. link