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Blogger Tariq Baiasi sentenced to 3 years

The Global Voices Advocacy group points our attention to the case of Syrian blogger Tariq Baiasi The blogger, who has been in prison for almost one year, has been sentenced to three years for leaving a comment on "suspicious websites",
The State Security Court in Damascus has sentenced Tariq to three years after lessening it from six years to three years (originally, Tariq received three years for each of the following charges): 1- Dwindling the national feeling. 2-Weakening the national ethos. The militarily security arrested Tariq on 7-7-2007 for leaving a comment on websites considered “suspicious” by the Syrian government. link
There is a Free Tariq group and a facebook group (membership required) campaigning for his release. The Global Voices Advocacy group also has an excellent guide on how to blog anonymously.