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Michael Kelly's widow reflects

Michael Kelly was the first American journalist to be killed covering the war in Iraq. He worked as a columnist for the Washington Post and the Atlantic Monthly. Last week marked the fifth anniversary of his death. His family reflect upon his death and their loss in his local Mineral Wells Index newspaper,
"I wish I had some way to put it into words," Mrs. Kelly said of their loss. "It doesn't go away. Certain days are harder than others..." Like the parent of any kids who have lost a parent, Kelly said she worries about how it will affect hers. But they're doing well in school and are as well-adjusted as can be expected, she said. It's sometimes hard to believe five years have gone by, she said, and sobering to consider that Jack is now more than twice as old as he was at the time of his father's death... She struggles to describe the feelings that will never go away, but shares a friend's outlook. "She's also a widow, and she recently remarried," Kelly said. "She loves her husband, but she still mourns the future she'll never have." link