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Wanna be a Hizballah Fighter?

Writing on the TIME blog reporter Andrew Lee Butters tells how his assistant, Rami Aysha, spoke to a few Hizballah fighters from his neighbourhood to find out how you go about becoming a Hizballah Fighter,
Two important themes stick out: from the beginning, the training stresses the path to martyrdom, which is achieved through honesty, prayer, and combat. And from the start, Hizballah organizes its child recruits into the basic cellular structure of the organization. Each is assigned to a cell of about five kids, with each cell having its own kid commander, and their own missions: usually games and exercises like treasure hunts. This stage ideological training can last for years, or it can be done in as little as 9 months, depending on the zeal of the recruits and how much free time they have from school. link via Abu Muqawama