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Dig the new breed

Interesting blog by Geofrrey Hiller that aims to bring to our attention the work of "a new breed of documentary photographers". Each post focuses on one image from one photographer. As the blog blurb says, "Verve is a reminder of the power of the still image." Images like the one above by Candice Feit taken in Darfur,
I had been traveling in Darfur for about three weeks at this point, working mostly on my own, though filing photo’s to Reuters and EPA along with World Picture News. At the time (June 2006) the SLPA had broken off into two different factions and we were able to meet with both groups. I had been watching these guys around this truck and trying to get a sense of who made up most of these rebel groups, how they interact, and what they actually do. I worked with the African Union both times there. Even with their support it was incredibly difficult. Just getting our paperwork in order to do the bare minimum of work was really extraordinary. link via MultimediaShooter