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Burmese bloggers continue to risk their lives

Some five months on since the violent suppression of the protest movement led by monks in Burma and the situation for bloggers is no better. The bloggers, who were such an important part of getting images, video and eyewitness accounts out of the country, continue to blog about life in Burma and relay information overseas. But, with a more expensive and slower internet than before the crackdown, not to mention the watchful eye of the state, it is a dangerous game. Mizzima has more,
"There is never a time that we are safe while using the Internet. It is a risky game we are playing," said the blogger, who has consistently fed Mizzima with information from inside Burma... "Since the Internet connection is so slow it is almost impossible to surf at home. So, we use the cafes, which are not safe and we never know when we will be questioned or taken for interrogation," he elaborated, wishing not to be named for security reasons... "It is never predictable what will happen to us when we are chatting on Gtalk with someone outside the country because we never know who is watching or monitoring us," he added. link
In January, police in Rangoon arrested prominent Burmese blogger, Nay Phone Latt. Charges against him were made under the Video and Electronic Act. He remains under arrest.