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Conflict blogging

iConflict is a new website set to launch this month. According to comments from one of the founders of the site, Jason Haber, on the DigiDave blog, the time is right for a citizen-generated war reporting website,
Unlike other social media news sites, ours is very focused. We aren't covering Britney Spears, we aren't covering sports, gossip or news oddities. This site is about conflict and about empowering people to share and learn more about them." link
No sign of an official launch date yet, but iConflict has a blog appropriately named Blogflict. And following on from my previous post (and request) iConflict promises to have the solution for mapping conflict. The site founders plan to create,
interactive data mashups on countries in conflict, applications on external social networking sites, and other innovations that will make iConflict the premiere destination for users seeking information on international conflicts. link
Thanks to Martin for the tip off.