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Churnalism at the Frontline Club

[video:brightcove:1437286069] Controversial media commentator Nick Davies was at the Frontline Club the other day to talk up (or down?) what he calls churnalism. Nick's book, Flat Earth News, has stoked a mountain of controversy throughout the British media from the likes of Adrian Monck, the BBC's Kevin Marsh and Frontline club regular Roy Greenslade. Not least because in the book, he breaks one of Fleet Street's unwritten rules and rakes the muck on many Fleet street insiders. One insider, not named in the book, told me Davies raked said muck in "quite a vindictive and nasty manner. He really gets down, dirty and personal." Click the video above to see the entire exchange at the club. Or if you prefer to just listen to the audio as a downloadable podcast, click this subscription button and follow the instructions. The panel also includes David Leigh from The Guardian and is moderated by Gavin MacFadyen from the Centre for Investigative Journalism.