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Somali journalist arrested

Freelance journalist Idle Moallim based in the port city of Bossaso in Somalia has been arrested by police in the northern Puntland region while working on a human trafficking story. The arrest comes less than a month after French journalist Gwen Le Gouil was kidnapped while working on another human trafficking story. Le Gouil was later released in Bossaso. Awale Jama Salad, another Bossaso based journalist, remains in a Puntland jail since December 23 without charge. He is thought to have been arrested for taking photographs of Le Gouil while he was kidnapped. Update 12 January - [Idle Moallim] was released Saturday [12 January] by authorities in the country's northern region of Puntland after spending one week in jail. [He] was not brought to court and never faced any charges. link