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Journalist arrested in Somalia

Reporters Without Borders reports that Ayanle Hussein Abdi, a stringer with the BBC Somali service, was arrested yesterday in Beletwein in the central region of Hiran. There has been no explanation for the arrest,
“The very few journalists who continue to work in Somalia at risk of their lives are easy prey,” [said Reporters Without Borders. “Week after week, the authorities flout the most elementary rules of justice towards journalists who annoy them. It is time that the new prime minister, Nur Hassan Hussein, whose silence is unacceptable, states that this cannot go on any longer,” the organisation said. link
This latest arrest brings to four the number of Somali journalists held in Somalia. More than fifty journalists fled Mogadishu late last year. David Axe has more from inside Somalia,
[Hussein Abdi] was arrested in his home. … So far, there are no details from the administration saying the official reason behind the arrest of Ayanle. But today the chairman of Hiiraan region, Yusuf Hagar Dabaged, accused Ayanle of telling false news about Hiiraan region. Yusuf said that Ayanle told the BBC that there is no peace in Hiiraan region. [editor’s note: there is indeed no peace in Hiiraan, or in much of Somalia, for that matter.] “Ayanle will soon face justice,” Yusuf added. link