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An Invitation

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I read in Friday's Independent that:

"Three judges of the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal ruled on Wednesday that the level of "indiscriminate violence" was not enough to permit Afghans to claim general humanitarian protection in the United Kingdom. Hundreds of asylum-seekers a year are returned to Afghanistan if they have not convinced a court they are in fear of persecution or that their lives are in danger. The ruling on Wednesday prevents them from arguing that the country is a dangerous place."

The headline ran, "Immigration judges: 'Afghanistan is not in a state of war'".  I didn't really know what to do with the article except to formally and publicly invite the three judges who sat on the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal to stay with me down in Kandahar and take a look for themselves… Come have a stroll with me in the local market… Lovely place… and no war at all...

What do you think?