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Who killed Hrant Dink?

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Hrant Dink was shot dead on January 17, 2007 outside the Istanbul offices of Agos, the bilingual Armenian weekly where he worked as editor-in-chief. 20 suspects have been arrested for the killing of the Turkish-Armenian journalist. Eight remain in custody, but none have been charged. To mark the anniversary of Dink's assassination this week hundreds of people gathered outside the Agos offices to protest at the lack of progress in the case,
We believe there is an organized campaign to delay the dissipation of the shroud of mist surrounding the Dink murder. His assassination is certainly not the work of only 20 suspects. The police should investigate very carefully how the assassination plan was devised, how Dink was targeted and how the murder was carried out. Officials at the İstanbul and Trabzon police departments with suspected links to the murder should be called to account. We, as the friends of Hrant, will continue to raise our voices until the case into his murder is concluded," stated Özlem Dalkıran of the Helsinki Citizens' Assembly. link
Update: with video via Onnik


Onnik Krikorian | January 20, 2009 2:14 PM

I only met Hrant Dink once when he visited Yerevan a few years ago to show solidarity with a Turkish academic arrested by the former KGB and facing trial.

He was an example of a man who stood for peace, democracy, human rights, freedom of speech and good relations between people.

Encouragingly, although Dink was disliked by many Armenians, especially in the Diaspora, his life and work is better known now.

Ironically, he is more an icon to progressive Turks than Armenians, but I hope more of the latter will gradually appreciate his legacy.

Hrant Dink RIP.

Onnik Krikorian | January 20, 2009 3:12 PM

Incidentally, there's some video of yesterday's commemoration in Istanbul outside the Agos office on dailymotion: