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Bush's War

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The PBS Frontline TV show puts online the two part documentary called Bush's War. The vast multimedia report includes over 400 interviews and 175 video clips. The Producer Michael Kirk answered questions online at the Washington Post,
Our focus was the war about the war. We focused on the battleground between the forces that wanted war with Iraq and those who believed the so-called war on terror should be fought primarily against Al Qaeda. I personally believe the focus on what happened in Washington is the central story of the war. The decisions made, which we spent a great deal of time trying to understand and show, dramatically affected all the other aspects of what happened in Iraq--to a devastating end. link

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Albert Maruggi | March 28, 2008 2:06 AM

I believe in the world of journalists we respect a dose of cynicism, and even if I apply some cynicism to this documentary, it is one of the greatest examples of journalism I have ever seen.

Shock and awe is how I explain my feelings after watching this - Shock of how the decisions came to be, awe about the masterful and thorough job the team did on this piece.

Thank you for a most memorable body of journalism.