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Chocolate Melts!

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[video:youtube:x0FeOOHDcKQ] The soldiers have been living on field rations, many of them for months on end. The rations aren’t bad. They contain the right balance of nourishment that the soldiers need but they are boring day after day. Some of the Guardsmen were joking with me that their protective jackets don’t fit them anymore because they have lost weight. This could be because the rations being sent include two “Yorkie” bars of chocolate, which, by the time it gets to Afghanistan, has invariably melted and leaked all over the contents of the ration box. Nobody eats it because licking cardboard isn’t fun in the desert. So the soldiers are not getting all of the calories that they should from these ration packs. There is a supplement for hot weather but they don’t always receive it. With British soldiers now having spent several years operating in hot weather it does seem poor that they still receive melted chocolate. Why not dried fruit? Actually, I recommend nougat! Nougat is nice.


Anonymous | September 2, 2007 10:45 PM | Reply

Folk seem to be a bit a shy commenting her Vaughan... I'm very much enjoying your insights and darned hard work. The "Yorkie issue" is bizarre. I'd love to know the logic behind the decision. We should follow this one up :)

Jim | September 10, 2007 11:42 PM | Reply

Don't expect to see any change soon, no matter what gets decided on high. These packs were always rumoured to be stored away for five years or so, thus ensuring rations for our leaders in the event of a nuclear attack, before being issued to ordinary squaddies. Whi knows, the new "hot weather" ration back may already be on that conveyor belt somewhere.

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