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Saving Darfur

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saveCOVa.JPGMy book is all set for its launch next month, which is one of the reasons why my Middle East blog has been a little quiet. Over at South of West though I've updated things with a bit more on the book, some endorsements and a list of events to promote Saving Darfur.

This year is a crucial year for Sudan. Elections in April and a referendum on independece for the South at the start of 2011 could cement  a shaky peace deal or plunge the country back into crisis.

Saving Darfur is my very personal attempt to chart how we came to this point.

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Sara A | March 31, 2010 8:38 PM | Reply

I'm really looking forward to reading the book(just pre-ordered)! I'm a Sudanese American college student in the States, and Darfur has long been a close and dear crisis to my heart, and has been something i've advocated for better modes of "saving" for years for I do find it awfully pitiful how it is portrayed by the media, NGOs and used by celebs. I really do look forward to reading a refreshing new perspective!

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