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Live: Viva la Revolucion - Cuba at 50

Tonight we'll be discussing Cuba as it celebrates 50 years since the revolution and one year on since Raul Castro officially took power from his brother, Fidel. With a new US president about to take office, the change that has inevitably been creeping up on Cuba looks set to continue into 2009. We start at 7pm UK time/11am PST, 7 January and we'll be broadcasting live on the Frontline Club livestream channel. If you can't make it in person, I hope you can make it online,
How have Cubans and the exiled community received the news of Obama's election and what are the expectations on his promises to open dialogue with Cuba and lift the embargo? Has the inevitable "opening up" of the economy and wider access to the internet and communications changed the nature of Cuban society? And are the glory days of the Cuban Revolution now firmly in the past? link
Taking part will be Nick Caistor (broadcaster)  Richard Gott (journalist) Pedro Perez Sarduy (poet, journalist) Steve Wilkinson, from the International Institute for the Study of Cuba and Emilio San Pedro, the BBC World Service Americas Editor who will be joining us via Skype.