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Ugly of war

John D. McHugh, Frontline Club member and regular in these parts, has his latest short film from Afghanistan up on The Guardian website. He to a member of a the US army Medevac team about the day to day job of helping the wounded and the dying. John says he has a lot more footage from Afghanistan that The Guardian is not using for his diary. He promises to put the rest on his personal blog in the near future,
I have realised that they haven’t been using lots of the stuff I’ve written, so over the next few weeks I will attempt to file my back catalogue here... I am actually sitting in a tent at an unnamed US base in Kuwait, waiting for a flight back into Afghanistan. There will be plenty of new stuff coming up soon, so watch this space, or The Guardian. link
John also has a new audio slideshow, alos focussing on Medevacs, up on The Guardian.