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Strategic Communications: Day 2

Albany Conf 56.JPG

If you were following the blog yesterday I decided to enjoy the sunshine...

Here's a photo of Alastair Campbell addressing the conference yesterday. After a question and answer session with Campbell on various topics including Iraq, Kosovo and Afghanistan, we moved onto a panel discussion on how to make a communications strategy work in places like Northern Ireland, Uganda and Darfur.

On the menu today we have:

- Jamie Shea, the current Special Advisor to the NATO Secretary General.

- A panel on strategic communications and new media including an appearance from Frontline Blogger, Graham Holliday.

- A consideration of the place for media development and regulation.

- "A view from the field" - practitioners examine how organisations like the UN, NATO, the AU and NGOs have approached communications.

- A conference plenary drawing some conclusions.

Photo: Albany Associates, All Rights Reserved.